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Yesterday, Feyma and I had the itch to go out for lunch.  We needed to decide where to go.  After some thought, I suggested Swiss Deli.  We had not been to Swiss Deli for quite some time, except to buy grocery type items, so we did it!

As mentioned, Swiss Deli is a combination of a restaurant, and a small grocery store.  The grocery store carries European products that are otherwise mostly unavailable here in the Philippines.  They have a good selection of meats, sausages, breads and cheeses too, which is really nice.  One of the nice things for us is that Swiss Deli has a location within walking distance from our house!

Feyma at Swiss Deli

Feyma at Swiss Deli

Swiss Deli has two locations in Davao.  They have the original Swiss Deli which is located in the Damosa area, and the one where we went yesterday is in Matina.  The Damosa branch is right along JP Laurel on the right side (if you are headed toward Lanang), right at the Damosa traffic light.  The Matina location is near NCCC Mall, adjacent to the Matina Water District office.

Swiss Deli has a pretty large selection on the menu, most of which are European favorites.  Don’t worry, we Americans can enjoy them too! :lol:  I did mention to Feyma, though, that in all of the years that we have been going to Swiss Deli (I believe around 8 years or so since they first opened in Damosa), they have never updated the menu with new items, at least not that I can remember.  From my memory, the items on the menu are the same as they were when they first opened.  Not to say that the food is not good, it is very good.  It would just be nice to have a few new items from time to time.

Our Lunch



Yesterday, between Feyma and I, we ordered three different dishes:

  1. Tortellini - Swiss Deli has a really excellent tortellini dish!  The tortellini shells are stuffed with ground beef, and the whole thing is in a beautiful cream sauce.  This is, and always has been, one of my favorite dishes served at Swiss Deli.  Feyma and I both commented yesterday that the tortellini was the highlight of our meal!  If you like pasta dishes, I don’t think that you can go wrong with the Tortellini at Swiss Deli.
  2. Swiss Steak

    Swiss Steak

    Swiss Steak – Feyma ordered the Swiss Steak (although we tend to share so that we can both sample the food).  It was good, breaded meat covered in gravy and topped with tomato and cheese.  I liked the piece that I tried.  You get your choice of mashed potatoes, french fries or rice with the Swiss Steak.  Feyma had the fries, which were quite good.  The serving of the Swiss Steak was very generous, there were like 5 slices or so of the meat, plenty to fill up even the hungriest appetite!

  3. Mixed Grill

    Mixed Grill

    Mixed Grill – I ordered the Mixed Grill, which I have always enjoyed at Swiss Deli.  The Mixed Grill consists of chicken, pork, beef, bacon and a frankfurter.  All of these were excellent.  Swiss Deli has their own butchers and they make the sausages and other cuts of meat themselves, and it is always good!  You can’t go wrong.  All of this is covered in gravy, and you get your choice of rice, mashed potatoes or french fries on the side.  Like Feyma, I had the fries, and they were great.

Dining area at Swiss Deli

Dining area at Swiss Deli

It was an enjoyable lunch.  And, the prices at Swiss Deli are also reasonable.  The meal described above, with two Coke Lights set us back P800 or so (I think it was about P850, something like that), which I consider to be very reasonable.  When we left Swiss Deli, we were both very full and satisfied, so that is a good thing and at a reasonable price too!

Just as we paid for our lunch, Randy C of the Journey to Samal blog walked in, so we asked him to join us, and we all sat there talking for 30 or 45 minutes, which we enjoyed.  Randy and I have developed a nice friendship since he moved to Davao about 4+ months ago, so it was nice to see him.


  1. says

    I was quite surprised to see you & Feyma there. Thanks for inviting me to sit for awhile. I enjoyed it as well.

    I ended up getting the ravioli with marinara sauce. It was really very good. As it was my first first time to try the restaurant, I can say that I was more than satisfied. Service was very attentive, too, even though they were pretty busy. I’ll be going back for sure.

    I also picked up a nice chunk of Emmenthaler (swiss) cheese and some multigrain bread from the deli. Both of those are excellent as well. The bread may be the closest I found to what I’ve been looking for yet.

    • says

      Hi Randy – glad you enjoyed the ravioli, I thought you would like it. You are right, the breads and cheeses there are excellent. I feel they are a little expensive for cheeses, but everybody here is expensive for cheese. The prices for bread are quite low in my opinion.

      Have a good day, Randy.

      • says

        I also find the cheeses pretty expensive here, and good cheese difficult to find.

        I did a quick calculation on what I bought and it was about $.527/ounce, and I got 11.57 ounces for $6.10 (price and quantity converted for comparison). A similar item on Amazon was $.836/ounce or $9.68 for the same quantity.

        At least in the case of this cheese, it’s not too bad here. I’m not a cheese expert, so maybe the brand makes a big difference with these imported Swiss cheeses.

          • chasdv says

            Quality food prices have shot up in the West Bob.
            I think anyone who has been away from a Western country for 5+ yrs would have a big shock if they returned.

  2. sugar says

    Hey Bob, I went to Rustans grocery earlier and I saw Swiss deli meat like different sausages, hams, and I remember this article. I looked at the back of the package and yes, it’s from Davao! he he. Just sharing. A bit expensive though 175 for pack of 4 sausages. whats the best? I’ll buy one next time and try them.

    • says

      Hi Sugar – Yep! Swiss Deli’s meat products are sold all around the Philippines, and they are quite good. I guess my favorites are the Hungarian Sausages or the Schueblig.

      • Ed says

        The “Swiss Deli” who’s sausages I used to buy and enjoy regularly back when we used to live in Cavite? And they have (gasp!) *cheese* ?!? I double-dare you to try to find any of either in Kidapawan. Maybe I should entertain my wife’s desire to mag-lipat-ulit (expensive move again) our family this time to Davao. If we do, it better be good!

  3. says

    the swissdeli on the picture is well managed by a folk named peter.
    the other swissdeli should be avoided at all cost because it is mismanaged by an arrogant prick.
    food is ok in the swissdeli, not great but consistent, i am glad that they produce bread otherwise i would have to bake it myself

  4. AJ UK says

    Went to Matina Swiss Deli whilst I was home over Christmas. All-in all an enjoyable experience!

    My parents had a rib-eye steak and loved it. Wifey had a pork chop and also loved it. I had the mixed grill and it was very good.


    AJ UK

    PS – Did you get the car battery fixed Bob? It was great to meet Fema & yourself , albeit briefly, outside S&R the other day!

    • says

      Hi AJ – Nice to hear from you, and I enjoyed meeting you the other day! Unfortunately, it was a bad time for me due to having car problems, which we did get worked out after a while. Turned out to be a loose cable.

      Anyway, glad that you enjoyed Swiss Deli, it is a nice place that I also enjoy. In fact, that Mixed Grill is a personal favorite! :-)

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