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Barrio Bistro has been around for a few years, but I never had the chance to visit there before.  Until recently, though, I have never had a chance to visit there.  I had heard that they offered a fairly good pizza.  Well, I also heard that their pizza was not so good.  Because of the mixed reviews I considered it my duty to pay the place a visit and settle that score! :-)

My friend Rudolf Kotik was in town last week.  Rudolf resides in Manila, but also has a place in Cebu.  Rudolf is originally from Austria (did you realize there are no kangaroos in Austria?), but has lived in the Philippines for more than 25 years now.  Rudolf operates a company called RK Franchise, which is a franchise consulting and development company.  Rudolf has been in the franchise business for many years and has worked for many big franchisers  including McDonald’s at one point.  Anyway, whenever Rudolf is in Davao, he always invites me to meet him so we can have some time chatting and catching up.  This time, Rudolf was going to be having a Franchise Seminar for his clients, and he was holding the event at Barrio Bistro.  Perfect, I thought, a chance to finally sample that pizza that has been eluding me!

Hungarian Pizza

Hungarian Pizza

My meeting with Rudolf was a little late, after lunch time, at 1:30, but that’s OK, I usually eat a late lunch, so it worked out perfect.  There is also a positive side to getting a late lunch at Barrio Bistro, if you buy pizza after 2pm, they have a special of buy one take one.  So, two pizzas for the price of one!  Who could argue with that?

I mentioned earlier that I had read mixed reviews about the pizza at Barrio Bistro.  Truth is that most of what I have read has been positive.  However, my friend Blogie gave them a fairly negative review on their pizza.  I like Blogie and generally trust his opinion.  However, one thing he said had me wondering:

The two pizzas we had, unfortunately, were a disappointment. They have a buy-1-take-1 promotional offer, but that’s not going to keep their customers happy if the pizzas don’t get better. The crust was just too crunchy, like crackers, and the flavor of either pizza we had was nothing to rave about at all.

Barrio Pizza

Barrio Pizza

Hmm… his main complaint seemed to be that the crust was thin and crunch.  That is the type of pizza I prefer, so it sounded perfect for me!


Well, Rudolf was quite busy getting ready for his meeting, so I decided that I would order the pizzas (yes, two… buy one take one!) and take them home.  Rudolf asked one of his employees to go order my pizzas, and he quickly added when he told her… “tell them to put it on my bill.”  No amount of arguing would convince Rudolf that I would pay for my own pizzas!  So, I accepted them, and waited for them to be finished.  Thank you, Rudolf, for the lunch.

I ordered two pizzas, as I said.  I got the Hungarian Sausage pizza and the Barrio Pizza.  To be honest, both of them were excellent!  I preferred the Hungarian Sausage Pizza, but the Barrio Pizza was also a nice flavor.  The thin crust was perfect for me, and it was indeed crunch, as Blogie said in his review.  I enjoyed the pizzas very much, and will likely go there again somebody to enjoy some of their other dishes.  Only downside for me is that it is quite far from where I live, but I’ll give them another try when I am next in that part of the city.

Another thing, their pizzas are very inexpensive.  Around P350 is the regular price for each of those pizzas.  Since it was after 2 when I got them, I got both Pizzas for under P350 (well, actually Rudolf did, since he paid!).  You can’t beat that bargain.

Barrio Bistro is located in Barrio Obrero, not far from Victoria Plaza Mall.  It is on Lacson Street, easy to find!  If you are coming from JP Laurel, you will find Barrio Bistro on the left side of the road.

Happy Eating!


  1. says

    Yes, the pictures _are_ what you get!
    My wife and I had a very late “lunch” there Feb 25, 2013 after I was finally done at BI.
    The place was packed with several barkadas of college kids, including one very large group for a birthday celebration. The staff were all there, awake, up for it, very very efficient.
    Yes, it was ‘buy one take one’, which made it a very good deal. That tidbit is right at the top of their fairly comprehensive menu. Being hungry by then, my wife ordered the carbonara and I had the ‘beef satay’. Of course we shared, her carbonara was great. The satay could have benefited from a bit more ‘sabaw’. The pizzas arrived quickly thereafer, an ‘overload’ and I think the second was a ‘barrio’.
    I myself prefer ‘newyork style’, not really a fan of ultra-thin-crust. But … these were excellent. Having ordered more than we could eat, we were very happy with the leftovers come midnight in the hotel, and the day after once we were home.

    I was able to buy good pizza ingredients at SM on the way home the next day, and am enjoying my own home-made pizza here. Next time at BI in Davao, would we go to Barrio Bistro again? Absolutely. Or maybe just order delivery to the hotel.
    [Bob, I have their delivery menu here - I'll be happy to upload it to you for posting if you can give me a way.]

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