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Yes indeed, I have to offer a sincere salute to Army Navy Burger and Burrito.  Army Navy is a Philippine fast food chain that combines great hamburgers and also burritos and a few other Mexican food items.

For a number of years, I had heard about Army Navy, but over most of that time, they had locations only in the Metro Manila area, which is very far from where I live, so I had to do without.  Some months ago, I heard that they had opened a branch in Davao City, though, at Abreeza Mall, which is about a year and a half old now.  As soon as I heard about Army Navy being opened in Davao, I headed to Abreeza to have lunch that day!  I was headed there for a good hamburger, and really didn’t even know that Army Navy also sold burritos and other Mexican dishes, so I was in for a surprise.

My intention when I originally went to Army Navy was to pick up a few different sandwiches and such, and bring it all home to sample it and share it with my wife and my son.  So, when I saw that Army Navy sold Mexican food in addition to burgers, I was really happy.  On that visit, I picked up a burrito, a double cheeseburger, a Starving Sailor Sandwich (somewhat akin to a Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich).  I took the food home, and we dug in!  We were all very impressed with the flavor and quality of each of the sandwiches.

Over the months since my first visit to Army Navy, I have been back a number of times.  I find that my main attraction at Army Navy is the burritos.  They have 4 different types of burritos:

  • Steak
  • Chicken
  • Carnitas (pork)
  • Vegetable

Well, I am no vegetarian, so I have not tried that one, but I can say that the 3 meat based burritos are excellent.  It is hard to find Mexican food in the Philippines, and when you do find it, it is more a Filipino flavor than an authentic Mexican flavor.  I must say, though, that I have found the Mexican dishes at Army Navy to have a genuine Mexican flavor to them, particularly the Burritos.  Another thing about the Burritos is that they are huge!  In fact, I often share my burrito with my wife, as it is more than I usually eat at a meal.

Another thing that I really enjoy at Army Navy is the Onion Rings.  They are nice and crispy, thinly cut, and really hit the spot!

If you are in Davao, or any other area where Army Navy has a location, I recommend giving them a try!  I think you will like them.  I know that I do!


  1. John Miele says


    The vegetable burrito is my standard favorite there (along with starving sailor). Rice, beans, guacamole, and cheese… Try the chipotle sour cream on that next visit and I’ll bet you become temporary vegetarian (at least for the time it takes to eat the burrito!). Really good.

    • says

      Hi John – Oh, I don’t know… I am a true carnivor. I gotta have my meat! Maybe I’ll give the veggie burrito a try, but I gotta have some meat on the side! ha ha…

  2. Robert Bula says

    Bob, if you posted this article earlier when I was in Davao, for sure I will go there because Burito in my favorite. I was at Abreeza few times but didn’t see the Army Navy. Maybe next year when I get back. Meanwhile, regards to all.

    • says

      Hi Robert! Kumusta, amigo nako? Army Navy is located in sort of an out of the way location at Abreeza, no access from inside the mall.

      Yes, lets have a burrito when you return!

  3. says

    The vegetarian burrito was excellent by all standards. I’ve had it twice, and have added it to my list of favorites here. I’ve haven’t opted for the cheese upgrade, as it was fine without.

    I had to hunt the place down, as it was a little difficult to locate at first. Outside, around the corner from TGIF and near Coffee Bean & Tea, first floor (or was it second?) – for those wondering.

  4. David Heil says

    Wonderful, wonderful news!!! I’m so glad to hear that Davao has burritos and onion rings! Do they have tartar sauce for those onion rings?

  5. says

    Hi Bob- In two days we will be coming over in davao city for the Kadayawan festival. My boyfriend and I are looking for the best restaurant in davao and we are so glad we found your site. What really amaze me is the Mexican fast food chain. My boyfriend is a Mexican and I’m sure we will come to army navy. We’ll be staying in Park Inn Hotel, so close to some of the restaurants in your list.

  6. Cedric says

    i love the Bully Burger of Army Navy… might as well try the Mooon Cafe at the 2nd floor of Abreeza.. they also served good mexican foods (burritos, nachos etc.). :)

  7. Juvy Gonzales says

    Hi Bob, We’re heading to Davao during the Chinese New Year holidays and been keeping notes of places to eat over there. It’s going to be first for my family and I want it to an awesome trip. Thanks, really enjoyed reading your posts.

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